About Us
About Us

It's always easier to trust someone coming into your home if you know more about them.
Let's face it -- no one wants Charles Manson showing up at their doorstep!

The "Presidential Family"

Brad and Dana were married in 1999. They have three girls- Kiara, Raelynn and Ella.

Brad used to have hobbies, but now he has a family. :) Now he devotes his time to the important things in life, like raising the kids and keeping a stable environment at home. 

Dana is currently doing the books for the company and handles other marketing responsibilities.  She is currently pursuing her dream as a coach in her start up business, Elevations For Success. You can see more about that here at www.Elevationsforsuccess.com

Right now, the girls- Kiara, Raelynn and Ella are consumed with school and other activities. Kiara is a recent high school graduate and is pursuing her dream as an entrepreneur and is launching a new business in the fall of 2018. Raelynn and Ella are consumed with school and love running track. While they are all very different, they carry a few common characteristics- they are all sweethearts with sweet spirits, great mannered, and truly beautiful inside and out.

We have a close-knit family, and are catching ourselves coming and going from one activity to the next. We are thankful for the opportunity to be in business for ourselves, and are excited to see the business continue to grow!


Our Company History

Mr. Carpet was formed in 1996 by it's founder, Marty Stoakes. Marty actually started cleaning carpet in 1984. During the first six years of his career, he learned all of the wrong ways of doing it. After beating his head against the wall for too long, Marty decided to call it quits and persue other interests, but the dream never died.

Over the next few years, Marty reflected on both the good and the bad aspects of the carpet cleaning business. His conclusion was simple. He was already doing the best job that he could. That wasn't the problem. He had great people skills. Again- not the issue. Then what came next revolutionized the way he saw the carpet cleaning business. Why not go all out? Why not invest the money into the best equipment, best cleaning products and best training that the industry could offer? Let's face it- anyone could get the best equipment and cleaning products, but not everyone has the high standards, work ethic and people skills necessary to make this business grow. So that's what he did. He invested the time, maney and energy necessary to get a brand new start on a top-notch, high quality cleaning service.

Fast forward to 2000. Mr. Carpet was continuing to grow. So much so he realized that he couldn't do it by himself. It was at that time that he hired his nephew, Lucas Stoakes to work along side him and help with the daily tasks associated with the job. Word continued to spread as Mr. Carpet consistently delivered high quality cleaning with a professional atmosphere, so Marty hired on an addtional technician and then hired me, Brad Smith in 2002.

I was originally hired on for marketing. As I proved myself worthy, more and more responsibilities were handed over to me until the point where I was virtually running the business. It was shortly after that point that I realized Marty had successfully worked himself out of a job. One thing led to another and I approached him about selling me the business. To my surprise, he agreed that it was a good idea. A price was settled on and a deal was made. My wife Dana and I took the plunge.

So here we are. Mr. Carpet Cleaning Company continues to grow because of the same high quality standards that were set many years ago. And clients that started with Marty back in 1996 can continue to see Mr. Carpet Cleaning Company deliver that same excellent standard of cleaning and service that made them fall in love with the company in the first place.