7 Reasons Why We're Different

1. BECAUSE YOU GET AN EXACT APPOINTMENT. None of this, “I will be there between noon and five p.m." I give you an appointment time that is exact. And if I am ever late, I call ahead to let you know.

2. BECAUSE YOU GET PROMPT RESPONSE. I usually have an opening within a week.

3. BECAUSE I ANSWER THE PHONE LIVE. You never get voice messages.

4. BECAUSE YOU GET HONEST PRICING. No sales gimmicks, no hidden costs.

5. BECAUSE YOU’LL BE CALLING CEDAR VALLEY’S BEST CLEANING COMPANY.  Look– the truth is that I could brag on my company all day long.  Most people would expect me to.  But when you see that we’ve been voted the Best of the Best now for 11 YEARS RUNNING, wouldn’t you start to believe the hype???

6. BECAUSE YOU’LL BE CALLING A COMPANY WITH EXPERIENCEMy company has cleaned well over 4 MILLION square feet of carpet!  This means we're not practicing on yours.

7. I DON’T CUT CORNERS- I CLEAN THEM. I take all the time needed to clean every square inch thoroughly.

Bonus Reasons: (because this is my website and I can add four Bonus Reasons if I want to)

8. BECAUSE I DON'T "SOAK" YOUR CARPET. My cleaning is designed to clean you carpet thoroughly down to the base of it. No more, no less. The pad underneath does not get wet. We can even clean throw rugs on top of hardwood floors without wetting the wood underneath. With my process, your carpet will be dry to the touch in 4-6 hours, not 1-2 days.

9. YOUR CARPET WILL NOT RE-SOIL QUICKLY!  A month down the road you won’t be staring at your carpet, wondering why you even had it cleaned.  My multi-step process will keep your carpet virtually free of soil attracting residue.

10. ONE CALL SERVICE: ·Carpets  ·Upholstery  ·Tile & Grout  ·Fine/Oriental Rugs ·Disinfectants  ·Pet Odor Control  ·Commercial Carpets  ·Water Damage Restoration  

11. BECAUSE YOU GET MORE THAN A SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: I offer a lot more than the most thorough cleaning ever. I also guarantee no spots will return if they are removed the first time. If a spot should ever return, I will also return, and we will figure out how to remove it permanently. Furthermore, for the first week after I clean the carpet, if someone should accidentally track dirt on it, or spill on it, call me and I will remove the spot or spill free! This is great if you are just moving into a new home, because you have me clean before you move in and get free touch ups after unloading.